Esp32 mesh ad-hoc

Building out project involving multiple ESP32 (WROOM) outdoor devices equipped with GPS and IMU on mesh network. ESP32 stats that with ‘painless mesh’ and esp-mesh, roughly 500-1000ft should be possible. However am wanting to design mesh network to work primarily in offline ad-hoc setup where data is not tied to cloud network.

Have been researching using Blynk, Flutter, or Arduino IoT Cloud. Am assuming that Arduino Iot Cloud is similar to how Blynk is designed with primarily usage of cloud but is following setup possible?

User would have iOS, Android device on phone and would access esp32 devices via bluetooth to view realtime data. Would use mqtt on devices so each device knows where other is. On push request the app would download this data to see history of where device has been over time period. Other data would be available including gps, imu, pressure and temperature for example.

Ideal case study for this would be monitoring outdoors users within outdoor area. With mesh setup distance can be extended greater. With bluetooth setup, I would only need to access one of esp32 devices on network. Time period for monitoring devices would be typically several hours in single day.

Other usage would be to connect one of devices to cloud as gateway which is typical setup for Blynk devices. With each device being solar powered, can expect to deploy as long term iot outdoor sensor.

Should this possible? Am also exploring another option of simply building app using Flutter which allow for offline function ability without cloud.

Also does Arduino Iot Cloud have google maps widget? Am wanting to access data from multiple devices and not simply one.

So the ESP32s have a point to point range of circa 500ft ?

And is that with good line of sight ?

Have read differing ranges of mesh distance ranging from 100m to 1km. ESP-MESH Getting Started using painlessMesh and ESP32/ESP8266
Wi-Fi Driver - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation

But with 'mesh' and enough nodes you could cover the entire planet.

I was more interested in what the range was point to pint, from one ESP32 to another ESP32 ...........

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