ESP32 Node32s VS WT32-ETH01

I just started working with the ESP32 a few weeks ago and am still trying to wrap my head around the whole platform. Currently I am using a ESP32 Node32s which obviously doesn't have Ethernet capabilities.

I did some searching and found the WT32-ETH01.
Is this board compatible with the Arduino IDE?
Assuming the IDE supports this board, I assume that it can access the same libraries as the Node32s board (so code I wrote for the Node32 using WiFi can now be ported and use Ethernet)
I know I will need a USB to TTL converter. Can I use this? .

If WT32-ETH01 is not the correct path to take can anyone recommend either a all-in-one board with Ethernet or an add on board for the Node32 to add Ethernet (like to keep the price down if possible)

Have a look at

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