ESP32 Pico - Works USB - Doesn't 3.3V

My ESP32 Pico Kit V4 is running the example OTAWebUpdater.ino (Over the Air Update). It works fine when I am powering the board via the USB, but when I hook it up to a power supply by a 3.3V pin (and GND) it is not connecting to my network, so I don't really know how to trouble shoot this problem with no feedback to debug.

Are there any pins I should check with my multimeter?

Thanks for the help.

What are you using as 3.3v supply?

I'd be inclined to suspect that the supply is either too weak (ex, the 3.3v rail of an arduino) or that the wires are long enough that it needs some additional caps near the ESP32 module

I am just using a generic bread board power supply that I can switch to 5V with a jumper.

Upon further inspection at your direction, I tested the voltage across pins 3V3 and GND and it was only 2.47V. Sounds like this is the problem.

Thank you for your help.