ESP32 & PN532 i2c


I'm currently working with ESP32 and Adafruit PN532.
I'd like to connect 2x pn532 to my esp32 i2c. But it's not possible without i2c multiplexer. (Same address)
But is it possible to make software i2c to other pn532? If yes, can you please help me find out how?

From the ESP32 API:

ESP32 has two I2C controllers (also referred to as ports) which are responsible for handling communications on two I2C buses. Each I2C controller can operate as master or slave. As an example, one controller can act as a master and the other as a slave at the same time.

By using the ESP32 I2C API, works in the Arduino IDE, and both I2C buses you can get both devices working with a single I2C address and not need a multiplexer.