ESP32 Project using ESP NOW to interconnect several devices

Dear experts

I am working on my first project with ESP32, Sensors and TFT Displays. For time being I am using Bluetooth classic to control each ESP32. For the next step I plan to interconnect the ESP’s with ESP NOW similar to that article:
randomnerdtutorials,com → esp-now

However, as I understand the concept, with ESP NOW one ESP needs to be the sender while the others are configured as receiver. My plan is that the ESP32 with an active Bluetooth classic connection (using my mobile phone) is (re-)configured as sender and all others as receiver. If I connect using Bluetooth classic on my mobile to another ESP this ESP will be the sender then and all others (re-)configured as receivers.

My questions:

  • Is this approach feasible and expedient?
  • Would there be a possibility to avoid this sender <-> receiver reconfiguration?
  • Generally, would there be a better way to achieve my project requirements above?
  • Shall I rather consider BLE Mesh in general (and skip Bluetooth classic and ESP Now)? Unfortunately, there seems only little information available e.g. tutorials about BLE Mesh for a beginner like me.

Thank you very much for your thoughts and suggestions.

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