ESP32 smtp

I’m using a ESP32 with a DHT22 sensor to monitor temperatures in a greenhouse. I’m using a library from Mobizt to send email messages, and it works great. I would like to add the actual temperature reading to the text message line in the following command, but I struggle with HTML code right now. Could someone give me an example of how to change this line of code to include a “temp” variable.

smtpData.setMessage("<div style=“color:#ff0000;font-size:20px;”>Current Temperature ", true);

Many thanks for your help!

With this little information i can not, i need more context. Does the .setMessage() function take char* or String ?
(probably the former) anyway create a variable that has the first part of the message, (without the ) add the converted ‘temp’ value (covert from int ? to char*) and then add the and use this whole as the first argument of the function.

The doc just says "in text or HTML format" As you can see from the code line that I sent it is currently using HTML code with just a "literal text" message.
I don't know enough about HTML to know if and how a variable can be included in that line of code.
Thanks for your reply.

You can create the literal text message as a variable, that is what i said. if you convert a integer variable into a char* then you can concatenate the <div style=\"color:#ff0000;font-size:20px;\">Current Temperature & the result of the conversion, close the </div> tag after that and send the whole thing. The issue is not in the html, it is in creating the msg you want to send.