esp32 t-display + cyrillic

Hello! It’s need to display some cyrillic-text (russian and ukraine) on this display. I try to use font with this charters from here and use it:

#include "fonts/GlametrixLight12pt7b.h";

TFT_eSPI tft = TFT_eSPI();

char *utf8rus_P(const char *source)
  char m[2] = { '0', '\0' };
  int j = 0;
  unsigned char n = 1;

  strcpy(target, "");

  while (1) {
    n = pgm_read_byte(source); source++;

    if (n >= 0xC0) {
      switch (n) {
        case 0xD0: {
          n = pgm_read_byte(source); source++;

          if (n == 0x81) { n = 0xA8; break; }
          if (n >= 0x90 && n <= 0xBF) n = n + 0x30;
        case 0xD1: {
          n = pgm_read_byte(source); source++;

          if (n == 0x91) { n = 0xB8; break; }
          if (n >= 0x80 && n <= 0x8F) n = n + 0x70;
    if (n == 0) break;

    m[0] = n; strcat(target, m);
    j++; if (j >= maxString) break;
  return target;

loop ()


tft.setCursor(0, 20);


but it’s not any on display… Please help, how show cyrillic symbol? Thanks!

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Most TFT, OLED, GLCD hardware libraries support Adafruit_GFX graphics.

Install Ug2lib_for_Adafruit_GFX via the IDE Library Manager.

Then you can use any of the U8g2 fonts and display UTF-8 strings e.g.

    u8g2_for_adafruit_gfx.setFont(u8g2_font_unifont_t_extended);  // extended font
    u8g2_for_adafruit_gfx.setFontMode(1);                 // use u8g2 transparent mode (this is default)
    u8g2_for_adafruit_gfx.setCursor(0, 40);               // start writing at this position
    u8g2_for_adafruit_gfx.print("<Ȧǀʘ>");            // UTF-8 string: "<" 550 448 664 ">"

Ah-ha. I see that you are using Bodmer’s TFT_eSPI hardware library.
TFT_eSPI supports UTF-8 strings by default (I think)

I suggest that you try his examples first.

I might try them myself later this morning.


I tried the “Unicode_test” example. It uses Bodmer’s default Font format. Not FreeFont

So I tried:

#include <TFT_eSPI.h>      // Hardware-specific library

// From
#include "GlametrixLight12pt7b.h";

TFT_eSPI tft = TFT_eSPI();

void setup(void)

void loop ()
    tft.setCursor(0, 30);
    tft.println("Write regular ascii with");
    tft.println("GlametrixLight12pt7b Font");
    tft.println("Change to Cyrillic Font");
    tft.println("Regular ascii does not print");
    tft.println("Привет"); //Cyrillic prints ok

Which “worked” but requires you to change font whenever you go from ASCII to Cyrillic.
In theory you could mix Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, … UTF8 text in one statement. (providing that your font supports all of those styles)

I am sure that this can work with TFT_eSPI but you might need to use a different Font format.

Perhaps a TFT_eSPI expert can advise.
I have only used UTF8 with Ug2_for_Adafruit_GFX which does not work with TFT_eSPI


cool! Thank! It's work!!!

In theory you could mix Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, ... UTF8 text in one statement. (providing that your font supports all of those styles)

Ug2_for_Adafruit_GFX fonts allow you to mix Latin and Cyrillic in one UTF8 string.

And obviously Chinese text has many more than 256 letters !


Thanks you! And maybe somehow I can convert my fonts to this format?

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