ESP32 Thing Plus , stencil fault ?

Hi I'm trying to set up a SD card on a sparkfun ESP32 Thing plus using SPI , But not sure if different version of the ESP32 have completely different pin out or if it is a stencil error ?

I2c default pins 22 and 23 , and not 21 and 22 , But the main one which is confusing me the most is SPI
, and the rest of in the wrong order .
Default pins CS is now SDA , MOSI is now the clock , The clock is now MOSI , and MISO is MISO .
Is the pin-out completely wrong ... YES I know that you can set different mapping .

All ESP32s I have come across have the same pinout.

When companies uses an ESP32 and add it into a module and then invent thier own pinouts, things get confusing, but then these modules are not just ESP32s.

With a bare bones ESP32 the pins that are defaults for SPI in the Arduino IDE are;

#define SCK 18
#define MISO 19
#define MOSI 23

So that when you do a;


It works.

Can't get the SD card working , using the default pins and CS pin 5 , But can't get passed SD.begin() .
Followed this video :- ESP32 SD Card Interfacing Fast! - YouTube , it's not working for me.

I had the same problem, but I've figured it out.


MISO - 19
MOSI - 18
SCK - 5
CS - 13

initialization in code:


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