ESP32 + Touchscreen suggestion

Hello all,

I was developing a small IoT based device which combines an ESP32 & a touchscreen. My goal is to turn ON/OFF 2 or 3 relays based on touch-screen inputs.

I needed guidance on choosing the right touch display + ESP combo and I'm using the ESP since BLE and WiFi are already built-in. I looking at achieving a bare minimum of 10 FPS on the screen at best.

  1. Screen Size - 5.0 Inch minimum with capacitive touch
  2. Screens that have Arduino + ESP32 display libraries
  3. No crazy frame-rates required.

Can someones suggest me a tried and test 5.0 inch display (touch) for this project, which would run easily on the ESP32?

*Note: Please let me know if I need to change the platform all together, or an ESP32 will suffice.

Thank You