ESP32 Update WiFi Formware?

Im using a ESP32 Node32s

Is it possible to update the WiFI firmware?
I tried in the IDE Tools-> WiFi101/WiFiNINA Firmware Update but I don't think it is compatible with my board

Why do you think that you need to update it ?

I am having an issue (bug) assigning a static IP AND setting hostname together.
See this post

So why did you start a new topic ?

that topic was about it not working, this one is about how to update firmware. thought it better to keep separate

The firmware is the sketch you upload to it, either way i think you should go back to your original topic and get this one locked.

Why is there a menu option (Tools-> WiFi101/WiFiNINA Firmware Update) to perform updates then?

also what about updating the WiFI.h library?


I am pretty sure that that update is for a different board. The wifi.h library is part of the ESP32 core. You can go to the boards manager to see if you have the latest version installed.

Thanks. Upgraded it in board manager from 1.6 to 2.0 (didn't fix my problem though :disappointed_relieved:)

Huh ? i'm on ESP32 core 1.0.6
What did you update ?

I Went back to 1.0.6. 2.0.0 was giving me more problems with my original issue

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