ESP32 Visiting a Link at a Specified Period of Time


I would like to ask if it is possible to visit a URL link at a specified period using ESP32. I have ESP32-WROOM-32D model.

I need it to experiment if this could be possibly used for an updating DDNS task. The link I want to visit starts with HTTPS and then I have my DDNS provider along with the token for updating the IP.

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So "visiting a link" means doing the same action as if you click on a link in your browser?

I'm not familiar with the inner details of how a browser works
I guess it is some kind of a http-get or http-post-command sended to the website.

maybe this is interesting for you

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Thank you for your response, I have been struggling with that library since couple of days.

The problem here is that, my DDNS provider is not part of the supported DDNS providers in the library.

I have also tried to add my DDNS provider in the library but apparently I am doing something wrong in the code since the DDNS does not update.

The procedure I follow when I check if DDNS updating works is changing the IP in the A record to some random numbers. Then I wait 10 seconds according to the time setting and the IP in the A record still remains the random one.

If I copy and paste the update link in the browser and visit it, the IP in the A record is successfully updated to my WAN IP Address.

By the way my DDNS provider is called ClouDNS.

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