Esp32 without internet notificate the connected Android device

I want If i connect to my esp32 acces point and it send data for me that i get a notification with this data in my Phone. It is possible without internet connection? And how?


I´m not sure if I got what you want to do. Connecting to your ESP32 access point presupposes an internet connection, isn´t it?

If you want to get data from ESP32, without internet, while being near to the place where your ESP32 is, you can study a Bluetooth solution (ESP32 has both BT and BLE).

If you want to get the data while being far from the place where your ESP32 is, you can study a GSM solution and receive a SMS in your phone. But in this case you´re basically converting your ESP in another mobile phone and thus bringing "internet" to your board anyway.

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I want to receiving data from esp32 without app, but with notification for example like push notification but without internet connection. Which protocol can i use?

Unfortunately this question requires knowledge that I don´t have at all.

I don´t know how push notifications work (specially without an app) and which protocol could be used in order to exchange data without an internet connection.

Let´s see if someone brings a light over the topic.

Hi @djdb999.

I understand you want to receive data from your ESP32 on your cell phone. Right?
Using ESP32's wifi in AP mode, you can receive data from ESP32 on a page using a browser such as Chrome.

I have several projects where I put the ESP32 in AP mode and upload and download files between the phone and ESP32.

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It is true, but I want to receive the data automatically like notifications.

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