ESP32-WROOM-32U - ESP32-WROOM-32UC, what's the difference?

Hello everyone, I've built a PCB using ESP32-WROOM-32U, made sure it works as I expected and now I need 60 more of the same PCBs. I always bought my PCBs from JLCPCB till now, but they are out of stock on ESP32-WROOM-32U. What they have in stock is ESP32-WROOM-32UC which only has a chinese datasheet (at least that's what I found), but as far as I can tell they look the same. Did anyone use a ESP32-WROOM-32UC before, what's the difference between that and a normal ESP32-WROOM-32U? Can I just swap my ESP32-WROOM-32U with ESP32-WROOM-32UC on the schematic and order that? Thanks for the help!

For the most part the ESP32 developer boards are the same; note the words for the most part.

At this time, the better option is to use the ESP32 S. A lot of fixes have been applied to the S model. I like being able to use the pins on portB like portA pins through the RTCIO instead of the GPIO. The ESp32S has the latest version of the OS installed as well.

Thanks for the reply, but this is an already developed board, I just need more of them and the time I have is kind of short. ESP32S seems great, I might switch over to that, but that will probably require me to make some changes on the PCB itself. Also, do ESP32S allow me to attach an antenna to it?

The ESP 32S WROVER developer board I have, do not have an external antenna attachment.

The 4 ESP32S WROOM developer boards I have, do have antenna attachment points on them. I have, on those boards, did the mod to attach external antenna's and they work well.

You need to switch over a resistor to another pad or something right? I see, I might try those on my next batch. The original question still stands though. I already ordered 2 sample PCBs and will probably update here with the answer if it's not solved by then I guess. Thanks again.

if that information can be found, it will be found here:

I cut the 0 ohm resistor, easier than desoldering, remove the bits of the resistor, and solder a 30ga wire to the external connection.

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