Im having trouble with my esp8266. I am getting a bunch off random characters in the serial monitor. I have tried different baud rates. I cant get my firmware. Please help. Im really stuck.

We saw this before but I don't remember the fix.

Try changing the baud rate.

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Did see other post.. (link?)


it might depend on the baud rate your ESP comes with? (use the AT commands to set it to a value you know)

*Also.. make not you do NOT use any OLD AT commands.. I used an old AT command to change the baud rate and it bricked my ESP.. took some fooling with to reset it and re-flash firmware on it.

When you start the ESP8266 (Arduino) you get a boot message which you can see if the serial monitor is set to 74880 Baud. If it disturbs you, in setup() simply do a Serial.begin(74880) and use that consistently for all messages. [at least that is my experience with Adafruit Huzzahs]

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