[ESP8266-12] not showing in routers' dhcp table

Hi all,

I have an ESP8266-12 module configured as wifi client with dhcp to do some UDP communication with another device in my network. The communication works flawlessly, I can print the module's IP and MAC address in serial console to prove it's there ;-).

When I browse into the dhcp devices tab in my router I can't see the ESP8266 device with the IP it got from the router. Ping to the ESP8266 from my PC works, from the router itself not...(it has a feature to ping adresses specified by the user).

I wanted to port this to a friend's company with different infrastructure and the UDP communication there didn't work. Ports are open, IP's deblocked from firewall etc and the device is not showing up in the router's dhcp table there. Again serial console prints IP it got from the router... Is there a trick to make the device visible to the router??


OK…after quite a while now it appeared in router’s table…???

Esp8266 will only show its name when its connected to Internet and sending some data on connection.