ESP8266 128x32 Oled i2c problem

Hello i bought a ESP8266 with a 128x32 oled I tried everything to figure this problem out but some odd reason the i can not get the i2c to run. The oled does show up on i2c by using the i2c scanner. But if i put any other i2c device and scan nothing comes up but the oled 0x3C This is the board. I don't know what to do not even sure who made it. I been trying and trying but no luck can someone please help me?


Just a update. I found a gpio scanner online and it told me to put i2c pins on D6 and D7 pins this is the link here. So i put the i put SDA on D6and SCL on D7 that found it with the address of Scanning (SDA : SCL) - GPIO12 : GPIO13 - I2C device found at address 0x76 ! I don’t know how to map to them pins I’m trying to add the bme280 to this device. here is the sketch below.

// Create BME280 object 
BME280_I2C bme; // I2C using address 0x77 
// or BME280_I2C bme(0x76); // I2C using address 0x76 

void setup() { 

Serial.println("Bosch BME280 Pressure - Humidity - Temp Sensor |"); 

if (!bme.begin()) { 
Serial.println("Could not find a valid BME280 sensor, check wiring!"); 
while (1); 

bme.setTempCal(-1);// Temp was reading high so subtract 1 degree 


void loop() { 


Serial.print(bme.getPressure_MB()); Serial.print(" mb\t"); // Pressure in millibars 
Serial.print(bme.getHumidity()); Serial.print(" %\t\t"); 
Serial.print(bme.getTemperature_C()); Serial.print(" *C\t"); 
Serial.print(bme.getTemperature_F()); Serial.println(" *F"); 

// Add a 2 second delay. 
delay(2000); //just here to slow down the output. 

Can someone please help me?