ESP8266 - 12E [NodeMCU DevKit] Need resources to read from.

Hello people!

I decided to make a project using the NodeMCU DevKit, and already did make a small HTTP server, using it to control an LED over WiFi.

However, I wish to go in deeper, and start experimenting and tweaking with this toy, but the problem is that, I can not find any resources to read about the <ESP8266WiFi.h> header file.

I would love to know what functions does it include, what do they do etc.

All I can find are basic tutorials, but nothing that explains what exactly are we doing.

I can only guess what each function does from these example codes over the internet, if someone could drop a link to a website which contains details about the header file I mentioned above, and could explain every little detail of all the functions and features of the file, that would help a lot!

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: I expect something like this →
But for the Arduino IDE [C++ code, not Lua]

Here you go:
If you want more details you'll have to look in to the library source code. If you need instructions to find the files let me know.

Thanks a ton! That is what I was looking for :slight_smile:

And yes, I would like to know the instructions to find the files.
I did some research of my own and found some more information and examples:

Again, thanks a lot, pert.

That is the source but it can be nice to access the actual files on your computer to be sure you are looking at the exact version in use or if you want to modify it. An easy way to find the source files for an Arduino library is:

  • File > Examples > ESP8266WiFi > select any example
  • Sketch > Show sketch folder - this will open the folder containing the example sketch
  • Navigate up two folder levels, this will be the library root folder. In some libraries you may find the source files in the src subfolder, others will be in the root folder.