esp8266- 75mA current draw using arduino

I have a problem with my wifi module esp8266,after I flashed it with Arduino.
I used/compiled the default example 'AdvancedWebServer' from main menu and when I measure the current draw , I get 75-80mA .
I want to know if it's normal and if it is ,what can I do to reduce the consumption.

(With Nodemcu, I get 11 to 15 mA with an webserver in STA mode and when I switch it to light sleep mode I get for a short period of time, minimum 2-3mA.)

BUT with Arduino I don't know how to reach this minimum draw of current..

I tried WiFi.mode(WIFI_STA) before wifi.begin.. (I read on the net that it enters in light sleep only if it's in STA mode )

Even in deep sleep mode I get 11mA.. (I found on the web that somebody else got the same value in deep sleep mode.)
Please help me and tell me how to put the module in light sleep mode to get a current between 2-10mA.

Thanks .