ESP8266 advantages/disadvantes sending a few bytes with ESP-NOW or UDP

Hi everybody,

I have a project where a RC-servo is driven through a remote-control to an "open" and a "closed" position. No proportional position needed.

Highest switching speed from opened to closed or vice versa would be once per second. (Servos can't move much faster

I want to use two ESP8266 modules for the wireless connection.
Now I'm thinking about the pros and cons of sending the commands for opened/closed with

  1. ESP-NOW
  2. UDP

what is your opinion?

best regards Stefan


Very easy to set up and use

I do not know ESP-NOW, but I use UDP since many years (also for broadcast to synchronize a lot of network members).
There is only one trap (what I detected with ESP32, may be others with ESP8266): If the time between the sent messages is near milliseconds (or less), the messages may be concatenated because there is some delay before sending.
It is also very easy to handle because the ESP8266 WiFi library provides a typical socket interface, as you may know from networking with Windows and Linux.
Good luck ...

+1 for ESP-NOW

Here is a tutorial to get you started with ESP-NOW.

Thank you for the link @groundFungus .
I understand what is meant with "easy set up and use".
And I have seen, it is a direct transmission on a very low level.
That may be a good solution for simple transfer of a few bytes as @StefanL38 wants to have.

For me it would not fit, because it seems to run only with ESPs. Wonder if you can use a DUE (or other Arduinos) with WiFi-Shield or even transfer data to Your Smartphone or Notebook/PC, which is nearly the same interface when using sockets. Of course You need a router (access point) with UDP and a mixture of devices like arduinos, computers, tablets and smartphones.

It is, of course, ESPs that @StefanL38 is asking about, hence my suggestion to use ESP-NOW