Esp8266 -> Alexa

trying to get a esp8266 (esp-01) connected to alexa, using arduino IDE

I dont understand how to fix this. Asking for help! :)

------Error message------

D:\Esp8266\Sketches\Amazon_Device_ESP8266\Amazon_Device_ESP8266.ino: In function 'void loop()':

Amazon_Device_ESP8266:23: error: expected unqualified-id before '.' token



exit status 1 expected unqualified-id before '.' token


include "fauxmoesp\src\fauxmoESP.h"

include "ESP8266WiFi.h"

fauxmoESP fauxmo;

void setup() {


//... connect to wifi ...

fauxmo.addDevice("light one"); fauxmo.addDevice("light two"); fauxmo.addDevice("light three"); fauxmo.addDevice("light four"); fauxmo.onMessage( { Serial.printf("[MAIN] Device #%d (%s) state: %s\n", device_id, device_name, state ? "ON" : "OFF"); });


void loop() { fauxmoESP.handle(); }

Change fauxmoESP.handle(); to fauxmo.handle();

The example was taken here, I believe so the error is also there!