ESP8266 and 2.4" 8-bit parallel TFT Uno Shield

i have a 2.8" tft lcd shield from mcufriend. i would like to know if there are libraries available for esp8266 12e. hardware connection are as follows

Connections: LCD_RD connected permanently to VCC LCD_WR 14 LCD_RS 15 LCD_CS connected permanently to GND LCD_RESET 16 LCD_D0 0 LCD_D1 1 LCD_D2 2 LCD_D3 3 LCD_D4 4 LCD_D5 5 LCD_D6 12 LCD_D7 13

You don't have enough pins for a parallel display. If you were to try it, you would connect LCD_RST to 3.3V with a 10k pullup. And always use LCD_CS.

The Wemos D1 boards will receive Uno shields but the pins are not suitable. The TTGO D1 R32 (ESP32) boards will receive a Uno shield but you need to do a small hardware mod.

MCUFRIEND_kbv library works with this ESP32 board (with mod). The Beta is on GitHub. If I ever hear from a R61580 owner, I will make a new Release.

ESP8266 and ESP32 work far better with SPI Displays. No need for level shifters. And you still have spare pins for actually doing something with external sensors / electronics.



Do you have any recommendations for such SPI 2.8/3.2" TFT Displays that are suitable for ESP8266?

There are many Red ILI9341 SPI displays. In 2.2" without Touch. In 2.4" with/without XPT2046. Some 2.8" with XPT2046. ILI9341 is 240x320.

ILI9488 SPI (320x480) from EastRising. HX8357 SPI (320x480) from Adafruit.

Note that your ESP8266 is 3.3V so any bare module can be connected. Most bare modules are only usable as parallel.

There are various RPi displays which are actually Parallel with SPI Shift Registers (a bit of an abortion). But the RPi market is a far better place to look for SPI displays.



Many thanks for the information.


I find this one in this link.

Do you think this can be OK? There is any library that working just with UNO? or with both ONU+ESP8266?


All the libraries will work with a Uno. Even Marek's ILI9341_due library.

However you MUST provide 3.3V logic. Note thar the SD, XPT2046 and ILI9341 can all share the same SPI bus. (Obviously not UTFT because it has no concept of hardware bus)

So you only need a few level shifter channels to use SD, Touch, TFT in the same program.

Believe me. Life is so much easier with a 3.3V board like Zero, Due, Teensy, Nucleo, ... ESP8266, ESP32


Ok thanks, I'll keep checking.