ESP8266 and midi in out coehxist?

Hi all
I am going to develop a midi controller that is made with and arduino and a module ESP8266.

I wish control the system with smartphone: that's way I need ESP8266.

But I want to connect my system to a midi keyboard.

Is it possible to develop a system considering the single uart interface (tx and rx) used for both the ESP8266 and midi in/out?

If no, is there an arduino card with two od more uart interfaces?

thanks in advance

If the data between the Arduino and ESP8266 isn't too heavy (i.e. short messages) then there won't be any problem using SoftwareSerial on any available digital pins.

An Arduino Mega has three, hardware serial ports.

Dunno about midi, but i read that they they have i2s interface to run i2c sound cards.