ESP8266 - Arduino captive portal


I am using arduino for quite sometime now, but I am totally new to ESP8266 module. I have a son and his really spending a lot of time on the internet with his phone and through our wifi connection.

I would like to shutoff the router but my wife sometimes needs wifi for her laptop to finish her work. So my idea is, since I know how to do arduino, I would like to create a device using ESP8266 and arduino as access point, where my son can connect to. Using a phone app (or even through a browser and manually type the link to turn off the internet connection), if its time for bed I could just easily turn it off right away without turning off the entire wifi.

I know there is a lot of option available, such as buying a wifi booster. But I would like to take this as a personal project where I can explore arduino and ESP8266.

So my question is, will it be possible to do this using ESP8266? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction or enlighten where should I start?

Also if anyone could be so kind to provide a block diagram to orient me into the right process that I should learn along the way. By the way time is not an issue for me and I am willing to learn what is necessary for this project to be realized.

Looking forward of hearing from you guys. Thanks!

Doesn't your router have MAC address filters?

Random thoughts on this...

1.) You'd have to change your current wi-fi set-up (so your son no longer connects to it.. and only connects to the ESP8266/captive portal broadcasted SSID)

2.) I would start by getting a captive portal project set-up (pretty easy.. I just posted a stock captive portal sketch like yesterday).. that being said.. it is ONLY a captive portal.. used for locally connecting to it to serve up a GUI/interface to control the connected devices.. it DOES NOT forward anyone/thing to the real network for outside access to the internet.

3.) I dont think you'll need any sort of Arduino for this project.. an ESP8266 can act as an 'Arduino' (run the code) by itself.. no need for an Uno/Pro-mini..etc or anything (unless you do have other devices/components connected that need to 'do' something?)

I'm pretty sure I have seen this done before... I'll have to search again to find some specifics..

but more or less captive portal and using a 'password' to access the internet is a project that could be edited to suit your needs IMHO..