ESP8266 command to avoid software watchdog-reset WDT Reset

with my actual code I came across something that I don't (yet) understand.

I added NTP-support and then my ESP8266 Wemos D1-mini-board keeps on resetting with the reset reason WDT-reset.

Then I added a short delay(10); and now the code is running. dealy() blocks most things but somehow in this case it has the effect of "not occuring" WDT-reset. So I guess some things still keep on running while executing the command delay(). I guess there must be some other command that allows backround-things to happen without "delaying" So my questrion is odes there exist a command that allows all the backround things including patting the software-watch-dog-timer to keep the WDT satisfied?

best regards Stefan

Post your NTP code or a link to the library if you are using one. Most libraries are blocking. That is they send a request to the NTP server then block while waiting for a reply. However, they usually have a timeout, in case there is no reply, which is short enough not to disturb the ESP8266.

A delay() is usually OK but a tight blocking loop is not unless it has either a delay() or yield statement() in it.