ESP8266 does not start !

Hello, I’ve bought my second ESP8266 because I had a problem with the first and I still have the same problem with the second.
I have tested on three differents computer and it is the same problem:

When I plug my FTD232 USB/serial converter with a switch to have 3.3V, it is ok.

BUT, as soon I plug the CH_PD pin of the ESP8266 on VCC(3.3V) or on a 10k pull-up or a 4.7k, there is like there is a short-circuit on the USB port; all the leds are ligthing less and the ESP8266 module does not work/start.

I have seeking this issue on internet but it seems that I am the only one in the world trying using an ESP8266 who have this problem.

I am very desperate and would have some helps to resolve it.

Any ideas ?

I have to add another big power supply 5V for making it works, am I alone ? >:(

So I can not unplugg it from my wall !!!

No you're not. The serial adapter you use can't supply enought power. Most of the adapter cannot supply enough power to run it. Just use another power supply when running it. Or make you're own 5V USB to 3,3V dropper to connect to the ESP. But keep in mind the USB port on a computer can only supply 500mA.

emmett_brown: So I can not unplugg it from my wall !!!

You can, but you have to use a good power supply!

Yes but the schema on the net don't use an extern power supply; just connected to the Arduino and it goes. And If I want use this esp82266 like a weather transmitter on a battery wich does not consumm, how will I do ? Do not know why mines have needed a big power supply.

I do not use any serial adaptater; all my tests was by the USB port of each computer with nothing on the others USB port.

Tanks answering.