ESP8266 easier way to store 128 bytes in non-volatile memory than using SPIFFS?

Hi everybody,

Here is an overview about the whole functionality mostly for your curiosity. I know how to code that part:
I want to program a functionality into ESP8266-boards that receives an ESP-NOW-message that contains the MAC-Adress of the sender. I have one ESP8266 as a central unit that shall receive messages from several other ESP8266.
ESP-NOW is based on the receivers MAC-adress. So what I want to program is press a button on the
sender-unit which will make the sender-unit send its own MAC-Adress to the central-unit.
The central-unit shall store this MAC-Adress in a non-volatile memory.
All in all maybe 5 to 6 or maximum 16 mac-adresses.
I know how to code this part.

Now my question is: is there an easier way to store these few bytes than setting up a SPIFFS Filesystem?
The MAC-adresses are only a few bytes. The MAC-Adresses shall remain inside the ESP8266 even if power is shut off. So a really non-volatile memory is needed.

Does anybody know of an easier way?

best regards Stefan

Why do you think SPIFFS is hard?

There is an ESP8266 library for emulating EEPROM.

Why do you think SPIFFS is hard?

SPIFFS is not really hard. As I only need to store a very small number of bytes setting up all the things for using SPIFFS
is more than my question
does there exist something like
WriteToMemory(&myByteArray, NumberOfBytes);
ReadFromMemory(&myByteArray, NumberOfBytes);

and everything is done.

I will look into the EEPROM emulation

best regards Stefan