Esp8266 erase all data

hello, i've seen that in arduino ide when i upload to esp e12 i have a lot of setting. should i enable erase all flash content ?
also do i have to use 80 mhz or 160mhz ?


'erase all flash' is not necessary to upload a new code
Use this option only if you have a good reason to erase all flash memory (for instance remove SSID and password for last 'good' AP)

Use 80 MHz if you want to reduce energy consumption

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the modules are new and i intend to use them only for espnow communication that don t require pss and other stuff but i mean if it should erase some setting if there are previously just to make sure

do it if you prefer , no risk !

The next uploading will put on flash all necessary things
(The important first level bootloader stays in ROM , not in Flash, no risk to erase it)

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