ESP8266 ESP-01 as webserver, Nodemcu firmware, no ip

I followed this tutorial

Kind of confusing when they tell you to set up the LEDs before having uploaded the LUA code, but I managed to make sense of that much.

I have an ESP-01 (2x4 pin board)

Used Nodemcu flasher, left settings default because the firmware bin I built wasn’t flashing so I didn’t pick one. Flashed okay, probably got an older firmware since they don’t have complete bins anymore.

Used ESPlorer, and uploaded the code as shown in the tutorial, with my home wifi SSID/PW in the quotes.

led1 = 3
led2 = 4
gpio.mode(led1, gpio.OUTPUT)
gpio.mode(led2, gpio.OUTPUT)
    conn:on("receive", function(client,request)
        local buf = "";
        local _, _, method, path, vars = string.find(request, "([A-Z]+) (.+)?(.+) HTTP");
        if(method == nil)then
            _, _, method, path = string.find(request, "([A-Z]+) (.+) HTTP");
        local _GET = {}
        if (vars ~= nil)then
            for k, v in string.gmatch(vars, "(%w+)=(%w+)&*") do
                _GET[k] = v
        buf = buf.."<h1> ESP8266 Web Server</h1>";
        buf = buf.."<p>GPIO0 <a href=\"?pin=ON1\"><button>ON</button></a>&nbsp;<a href=\"?pin=OFF1\"><button>OFF</button></a></p>";
        buf = buf.."<p>GPIO2 <a href=\"?pin=ON2\"><button>ON</button></a>&nbsp;<a href=\"?pin=OFF2\"><button>OFF</button></a></p>";
        local _on,_off = "",""
        if( == "ON1")then
              gpio.write(led1, gpio.HIGH);
        elseif( == "OFF1")then
              gpio.write(led1, gpio.LOW);
        elseif( == "ON2")then
              gpio.write(led2, gpio.HIGH);
        elseif( == "OFF2")then
              gpio.write(led2, gpio.LOW);

“Save to ESP” upload worked:

The next step, “When your ESP8266 restarts it prints in your serial monitor the IP address of your ESP8266. If you type your ESP8266 IP address in your web browser, you can access your web server.”

I don’t get. I left everything as it was, grounded the Reset pin on the ESP-01 to reset it, and did not see anything for an IP to use.
Where am I supposed to see this? If my ESP-01 is working, will it show up in my router settings as its own device?

On AT&T Uverse, using Netgear router, have the Netgear Genie program to map all the devices on the network graphically.