Hello everyone
I got my hands on to this esp module. I got it work with some tutorials I found online but I haven't figured out yet how to use its own GPIOs so I can use it as standalone and not just as a wifi module for arduino. Has any of you used this before? Do you know what these pins at the header are?

Does this help (2nd hit in google). Datasheet

Does this help (2nd hit in google). Datasheet

I have seen this but it didnt help because it's for the chip. I have identified the pins in the chip itself but not at the board. If you look it again there is a header named J2 at the board. I am asking for those pins. Thanks for you answer nevertheless

I can't find anything definitive for that board either, I thought I had read an article about it previously, but if I did I can't find it now. Everything tells me the chip is identical pinout to the12E but with various internal enhancements. There are a number of boards with that j2 type header that also give the pin out, but assuming this board is the same would be a leap of faith (though it could well be).
Various articles on using 22swg wire to link to pins of the 12E directly but nothing on this actual board.

Good luck hunting it down.