esp8266 firmware update problem

I am using arduino decimilia board i have already hooked up esp8266 with required circuitry and it passed AT command test as well because the sensor value were not getting updated on thingspeak i had to burn the latest firmware on the esp8266 as it was suggested that many could get it working by uploading latest firmware. I used arduino to dump latest firmware (not used usb to ttl) i used the software below (image) as flasher: 1) but, i could not program esp using this flasher: 2) I actually didnot download the correct bin files perhaps hence all the settings when esp was got freshly are all overwritten and it isn't responding to the AT commands as well what to do? there are lot of sites which provide firmware up gradation some ask to write more than 2 files and some only one in this conflict may be i have downloaded wrong file can any one please guide me again as to hat i can do. Let me have all your explanations with respect to that i am using arduino not usb to ttl converter to download firmware to soc of esp