ESP8266 from adafruit

Has anyone come across these here.

It looks like it could be useful for remote sensing.

Uses something called LUA i believe although it can be programmed using an FTDI by the arduino IDE.
Not sure what the processor is.

Where have you been? Old news. I get mine from amazon, you can get two for $8 and it has usb ftdi so you don’t press the buttons on the small adafruit version…

It works with the arduino ide, you just got to download the board package…

OK thanks.
Someone sent me a PM regarding them.
Not had the occasion to need a wifi module before.

The ESP8266 is pretty fun. I like the WeMos D1 Mini but the WeMos D1 Mini Pro looks nice if you need an external antenna.

Not sure what the processor is.

Espressif ESP8266

Some time ago i posted this.

Someone has PM me asking if i could develop the code to work on the ESP8266.
I suggested she post in conference.

A quick look at the docs makes me think the architecture is not there to do this.
Cheap though so i may order one to play with anyway.

Wemos D1.

Wow i really must keep up at the back,
Definitely going to order one of those.

ESP8266 has a big brother named the ESP32. Arduino IDE support is not fully baked but it is usable.