ESP8266 GET data from SLQ database


I would like to read data from a SQL database (strings) however I could not find a good example on the internet.

The project is a led matrix ticker where people can go to a website where they can update the displayed text. The website contains of a php script that puts data in a sql database.

Now I would like to let my wemos D1 (ES8266) (or Particle Photon ) to GET this data.

On the internet I only found these two “tutorials” but they do not work for me. It seems that both are for local use (?). There exists a lot of tutorials for writing so i’m doubting if it is even possible.

I’m not that experienced with coding hardware. So If you could point me to a step by step guide that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,

Do you have access to this website? The typical way to implement this would be to have a script on the webserver that does the SQL query and returns the result. You Arduino would than access that script with a http GET call and let the web server do all the heavy lifting.