Hello everybody. I been struggling 3 days now to make my project work ...

first of all i want to read a value from a PHP page and if page reply a mobile phone , the arduino call that mobile phone. or sms it .

what i use is


first a broke it in two projects the

first with ESP8266 that Get Request from that PHP page and store the phone into a variable.(is working fine )

Second Project was only the GSM shield Sim900 which i used call.h and sms.h wich working fine too...

When i combine the two projects especially when i add into the ESP8266 project the sim900.h Library the ESP is not working good any more. It is connecting to the Rooter , gets IP , but when i call the GET request from site , i am not getting anything back. I also checked the RX TX ports that GSM using , and they are correct.

The ESP8266 using the 4,5 The GSM using the 2,3

I also checked another libraries for GSM , also i used Just AT commands. i guess the problem is when i add a second SoftwareSerial "device" except the ESP8266

can UNO handle two Software Serial Simiutenusly ?

If no how do i Stop listen to SoftSerial1 and listen to SoftSerial2 and the opposite?

According to

If using multiple software serial ports, only one can receive data at a time.


Can you use an Arduino Leonardo and move one of the devices to Serial1? Can you use an Arduino MEGA 2560 and move the devices to Serial1, Serial2, or Serial3?

Yes I have a spare mega , but i have strange behavior only with esp8266 with my current code,(I change the serial for esp into 1 2 3 bur I got same results) I will make more tests