ESP8266 hosting database

Hi!I have a question ESP8266/other arduino boards related.Does anybody know if I can host a database in my ESP8266 using an SD card?If no, what other boards are capable of this?

You mean one like this?

I tried this and it appears it doesn't work.

To be more specific I have a web server on my ESP8266 and want to connect the site to a database on the SD card.Is this even possible?

In short, yes, with SQLITE. But your problem may be insufficient RAM on your ESP8266 for what you want to do. Maybe you should try again on an ESP32 board.

The docs for this library say:

The Sqlite implementation occupies considerable amount of memory and should be used with caution if amount of free RAM is less than 20k

Thank you, that's helpful

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Which ESP board?

It's a NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)

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