ESP8266 how to manipulate bit port simultaneously ?


As someone might know, it is posible to write a whole pin port at the same time on the arduino board with 1 line of code :
PORTB = 00011000;

See here

How can I find information about ESP8266 to know the different port names and the correspondance from port bit to pin board like LOLIN V3 ?

I think the LOLIN V3 uses an ESP-12F
so probably reading this (or similar) (or stuff here) and having a look at esp8266_peri.h would help understand GPIO a bit

Thanks for the links. They're interesting despite I'm not sure I can find what I'm looking for.

First, I need to understand what pin are actually available as GPIO. All gpio don't seem to be always available the same way from one board to another.
Plus, the pin numbering that is different from different boards, that makes things very confusing !

there was a conversation on this here