ESP8266 - How To Program Speedily?

When I program the ESP-01S via an Arduino IDE through CP2102 USB UART converter, due to its 1Mb flash memory it takes more than 1 minute to program. Even a blink LED program takes over 1 minute to feed into the ESP chip.

I have a big code project to do by trial & error, So every time I need to flash the chip & test the design. Taking such a long time to Flash is time wasting thing on this project.

Is there any code work that can limit its free space & do the programing quickly?

use higher baud rate

well there are two ways to invest time:

investing time into a lot of try and error
investing time into learning the basics and afterwards speeding up coding with much less try and error.

You can't really predict how much time the learning will take. So unpatient people decide to stay on the try and error-road.

As always: investing time into writing a posting that gives an overview about your project - in most cases - is well invested time through receiving much more specific advice that will speed up finishing your project - though again as it is unpredictable how much time it will safe unpatient people decide to go on asking quick short detail-questions because it keeps them "running".
(Though the running is in circles with an overall average low speed towards the finish-line)

As long as the programming is not using WiFi-specialties maybe using the WOKWI-simulator is faster
best regards Stefan

The OTA is a bit quicker (and more practical) but it does require you to have a sketch on there already that supports it.

It's been a while since I worked with the 8266 but I don't remember upload times being more than two or three seconds.

Are you sure you're talking about upload times, or are you actually looking at the time it takes to compile and build your project? Because that can indeed be a long process if you've got a complex project.

Yeah i thought that as well, thinking it was compile time, but when i checked i found that uploading 'blink' takes a wopping 40 seconds (compile time varies per laptop speed and previously compiled components)

Most of my stuff is in storage at the moment, but I'm quite sure that the Wemos D1 clones I used some time ago for testing didn't take 40 seconds to upload a simple sketch. I'd have to check though. In any case, it's never been a concern for me in development.

What is annoying though is how heavy the ESP (8266 or 32s) stack is and how it slows down compile and build processes. Even a simple sketch takes long to compile and build. The STM Arduino approach is likewise quite slow compared to e.g. STM32Cube IDE which gets a simple job done in a second or 2...

Arduino IDE has "upload " button. I mean that. I just load the blink LED program & press the upload button. That's it. It takes 1 minute to start blinking the LED. (In this 1 minute its compiling & feeding to 8266 chip). How did you get a 2 seconds speed?

what upload baud rate did you select in Tools menu?

So your problem is not so much the upload process, but the compiler. Yeah, that's a much slower process, and it helps to have a powerful computer.

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