ESP8266 - how to switch wifi?

Hi all,
my project is a little car moving in my house. I control it remotely thru house wifi with my phone and it's all fine.
My problem is the house wifi. Coverage is supplied by two different AP with two different SSID. Each AP cover a part of house, not all, so Esp8266 need to switch AP while moving from a room to another. I've configured WiFimulti, but it do not works as expected: until the "old and weak" AP is still in coverage, also if it is not able to comunicate, ESP keep it and do not switch to the other AP. It cause that the car remain without control in some house areas.
Is there a way to force ESP8266 to reconnect to the best AP available without waiting to falls in a dark area? Also timed or event driven method are welcome.
p.s. IP protocol is not a problem, IP address e IP default gateway are the same for both SSID

The ESP WiFi library has a function to determine signal strength. You could write a routine that monitors this periodically for the wifi networks within range and hop over to a better network if it gives better signal for a predetermined period of time (prevent switching networks needlessly if they're more or less the same strength or due to spurious high readings).

RSSI checking for other AP can be done without disconnecting from actual AP?

I'm not sure, but worst case scenario you'd have to briefly disconnect every 10 seconds or so, do a scan, assess signal strength and reconnect again. Your remote control/client software would have to be made resilient against this of course.

ok, thanks.

I agree. Your problem is how you have set up your wifi. Bring your wifi in the condition to have everywhere just one SSID. Use proper AccessPoints. No need for the client to change SSID.

I cannot do it easly. I've many devices on that AP and it's not easy to reconfigure them. However, if I do not find any other solution, I'll do it.

Hi @carloroma63 .
In my truck project I use the truck's ESP32 as the AP and connect to the cell phone on this ESP32.

So the network is formed between the cell phone and the truck, no matter if you have other wifi networks.

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In my case i've to connect it from internet....

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WiFiMulti.h should be your friend...

Is there a way to force WiFimulti to switch to the best AP without having to wait to go out of range from the current AP? I?'ll try to do a timed check of network availability (via ping to the router) to force a manual reconnect, but it should be better if WiFiMulti library has a method or a property to check continuos ad automatically for the best AP and switch to it, so my code will result ligther.

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