esp8266 - http GET AT commands no return?

I’m using my esp8266 with a server sending back a small html website(

Hello world


To connect to the server i use:


And then i send a Http GET request:

GET /main.html HTTP/1.1

The Tutorial I’m using get the return:


Hello world

but i dont!!

Please HELP!!

SoftwareSerial.ino (436 Bytes)

Pretty sure you are missing a parameter in AT+CIPSTART="TCP","",80

Im missing the ID of the connection, but if i only have one it should not matter(?), I will try...

it did not work.

I now know that my python server does not register a request until after AT+CIPCLOSE

This is the server:

import SocketServer
import SimpleHTTPServer

PORT = 80

Handler = SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler

httpd = SocketServer.TCPServer(("", PORT), Handler)

print "serving at port", PORT

I have a small test.html on a real web server with a domain name that I pay for.
I use a connection ID = 3 and it works.

Maybe something is wrong with your server code. Don't know.

I THINK I KNOW! Do you get the message:
"busy s..."?
I do and i dont think that is normal!

You may need to put in a bit more wait time between commands.

Im writing the commands manually at the time, so that should not be a problem(?)