ESP8266 in a chainlink pls help

im trying to connect multiple esp8266 in a chain link so the last one could send all the data from previous sensors to my phone not using any wifi router. pls advice me on this and is this even possible.

How do you plan to send the data to the phone?
How do you foresee the communication between two consecutive ESP in the chain?
Tell us about the use case scenario

ESP-NOW is a protocol developed by Espressif, which enables multiple devices to communicate with one another without using Wi-Fi.

If you get this working, please report back here. I haven't used espnow, but I plan to.

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You "should" be able to support 3 clients (maybe 4 if the AP client is down).

Beyond 4, things get complex for the memory-challenged ESP8266.

I'm making the assumption than all clients can 'hit' the ESP8266 acting as AP. If one is out-of-range, then you need to think mesh-networking or resort to LoRa.


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