ESP8266 IoT project not working

Hello everyone !
I am trying to make a esp8266 IoT project controlling the led from the web page.
see the attached file" led_on_webserver.ino." used for this project
The following steps were taken:

  1. Started server on port of esp i.e. port 255
  2. Making the IP of ESP module STATIC i,e,
    The message was displayed on serial monitor:-
    WiFi connected
    Server started
    Enter this URL to control ESP8266:
    the web page was opened and I could control the led from the web page

3.PORT FORWARD settings under my jiofi Router Configuration so that any access to port (255)
from external world is directed to the ESP Server port.
It was successfully configured to the address: and led was switched
ON/OFF from the web page.
4.Windows Firewall setting to allow port 255 for communication

When I try to access this webpage from other network, it fails.

PROBLEM: when I check the port with the help of " Can you see me website" from my lap top
it gives error port closed. I think it is because the espwebserver is connected to my router,
not through my laptop.
So, it means any request from the net will directly be forwarded to the ESP.
with the process like: Outside world server-> router → ESP8266.

I don’t know how to do this process. can any one suggest me to resolve this problem ?

led_on_webserver.ino (2.34 KB)

Your question is really confusing. The ESP8266 runs separately, and independently from your laptop, and in step 3 you already claimed that it worked. So what's the issue? To test your connection from an external network, I also suggest maybe using your phone's SIM internet connection(4G) to do it, instead of the website you mentioned. Windows firewall is also irrelevant, as the ESP doesn't need your laptop to operate.

Thanks a lot for your valuable answer.

It works with the Phone sim 4G but when I connect it through the fiber broadband connections
(by enabling the WLAN in my phone) it does not work.

Another problem with esp8266 web server is that it stops working after few seconds and after resetting it starts working.

Sorry, but I haven't seen this topic until now.
Your problem is the the ip address 10.x.x.x is a private address (doesn't exist on the internet), so you need to
know your routers internet address, to access your ESP8266 from the internet.