ESP8266 is not recognized in PC

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my wifi shield WAVGAT Smart Electronics ESP 12E WAVGAT D1 WiFi uno based ESP8266 shield for arduino Compatible|shield for arduino|shield esp8266shield uno - AliExpress because when I connected this shield into my PC in Arduino IDE is not showed port

I set all needs for working - I insert a link: into Preferences and I installed esp8266 boards.

Only wifi is available

I installed a driver for CH3408 but not function.
Please, do you know what is problem? Thanks :slight_smile:

You might be using a charging USB cable or a faulty cable. Try a different one that you have verified works on a different device.

FYI, I know the aliexpress listing calls that a shield but it's not. It's a board. A shield is a PCB that plugs into an Arduino board and there are ESP8266 shields but that WeMos D1 clone is not one of those, it's a standalone board. Those dummies have been selling these things as shields at least since last spring. I actually bought one thinking it was a shield based on the listing title because I didn't look at the pictures close enough.

Wow thank you - I used a cable from power bank and I didn't realize that it is only for charging!