Esp8266 local server creation for arduino

First of all, i know there are thousand tutorials for esp8266 server creation.I checked some tutorials,But didnt find what i need.I have attached my program code here,Which is for a basic energy meter that displays values on Computer.I am using long distance transmission for that.Along with that i want to create a local server which displays sensor values in HTML.As u can see i am combining my sensor values as a one long string in which values seperated by commas.Now i need to send this complete string through nodeMCU and display it in local webpage.So it would be nice if u can give me a link for tutorial which help me solve this,or tell me how to do it.

text = text + no + “,” + v + “,” + AmpsRMS + “,” + kilos + “,”;

This is the way i send my values
i have attached my program code without any node mcu integration.
Pls help me with a way to display this values on a phone like in a webpage.

Android_wifi.ino (2.53 KB)

the attached .ino is for esp8266 or for Uno/Nano/Mega?

This is a program i did for my mega to read values.I want to read this values in a webpage using Node mcu.But didnt fine any tutorial appropriate for my project here.

you want to attach the sensors and the LCD to NodeMcu and run that ino in NodeMcu?

Good tutorials are sometimes hard to find, and since for an ESP webserver they tend to come in 3 varieties it can get confusing, i prefer the way that uses the ESPWebServer and this one is quite a complete list of examples for what you can do with it. (note the creation of the "index.h" is a way of using progmem, you could also just put your page directly into a String.)

I want nodemcu to read values from arduino and create its own acess point and server on it

ThottiKuttapan: I want nodemcu to read values from arduino and create its own acess point and server on it

ok. so the page should be served by the esp8266, not by the computer