ESP8266 long term use

It depends on the delay. The standard Arduino API delay function resets the watchdog timer, so it won't cause a problem for the watchdog:

I don't know about this API. I have always used the standard Arduino API function yield() for this purpose. That is also mentioned at the link above.

Zero Problems.

PE - incl. quote for clarity

hello, i am planning to use esp in my project for one way communication to send a char when button is pressed from the transmitter module to the receiver base where is gets the chat and based on it's value it will trigger some relays.
i've documented and come up with some questions that i would appreciate some help in understanding;
First for those who used the module before, did u experienced the module resetting when not needed caused by floating rst pin - wich a resistor from 3.3v to rst i've heard it would help, rf interference, or watchdog triggering and how to handle it, power supply spikes causing reset, would capacitors help and 13Ah phone battery pack would work?

Also the tx send only when button is pressed but the rest of the time it keeps looking for the button pin state, should i add a delay to lower the loop repetition ?
And on the rx side should it keep watching continuously for the signal from the tx or also it should have a delay, if the signal reach when the module is waiting in the delay it will still be received ?

after some testing, i've send a signal every 1sec and received then, light and led ,wait 1 sec delay and check again, some signals were missing . with 10ms delay it got the led blinking regulated but the wifi transmitter module metal part got a bit hot

Which module?

The Rosetta Stone I need to decode this cacophony of run-on spelling errors eludes me.

If you post your code and schematic as described in How to get the best out of this forum, more forum members will read it.

When you post your schematic, a hand drawn circuit in jpg or png is far preferable over a pretty Fritzing picture. A schematic is way simpler and easy to understand than a physical layout. The schematic is a functional description describing the flow of operation. The symbols actually describe functions and are read as such, something Fritzing does poorly. Using Fritzing will reduce the pool of folks prepared to even look at your problem. Do not hurry drawing a schematic, it is a very valuable tool to help you and us understand your project.

Asking twenty questions in one post is not going to get you many responses.

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Or giving You answers that takes for ever to explore...

There is no scheme just 2 esp8255mod module and some buttons and my question is about multiple factors that could cause reseting

And when you actually give sufficient information to describe what you are doing, then and only then someone may be able to answer. :roll_eyes:

what more info should i say? i wrote all in the post

No, you rambled.
Ask a question. 'A' as in singular. Proper sentence structure and grammar will go a long way to making your questions more clear and understandable..

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It is OK to create multiple topics as long as each is about a distinct subject matter and you avoid allowing the parallel discussions to drift into overlap.

I see you have created a dedicated topic for discussion of the watchdog:

That is probably OK, but I will ask that there be no further discussion of the watchdog here, and that the other topic remains focused on the subject of the watchdog.

Simple drawing of my r/c --

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Excellent schematic. (No joke).
What are the specifications for the relay? Coil voltage, resistance or current required? That will be needed to determine what power supply you need.

so far i found this relay from relpol at 5v and 60ohm on the coil that i think is a bit low since i have used other relays before that had even 400ohm RM84-2012-35-1005 RELPOL - Releu: electromagnetic | DPDT; Ubobină: 5VDC; 8A/250VAC; 8A/24VDC | TME - Componente electronice
so it draws 5v/60ohm = 83ma , using a 2n222A what resistor should i use for the base pin to don't overdraw from esp pins ? what is the max i can supply from esp pins

10k pull-down not required for a BJT.

Nor any benefit of a Schottky diode.

470 Ohm will draw about 6 mA which is adequate to saturate the 2N222.

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and esp pins i guess are 3.3v . what is the upper limit i can draw from them ?
if i use a 5v psu that feeds the esp trough it's regulator would i have a constant voltage ? also i have to feed 5v into the transistor colector ?

When I looked it up for the previous answer, it was 12 mA. For one pin alone. You would have to look up the permissible total for more than one pin.

If the 5 V PSU is in fact, regulated. :roll_eyes:

You don't "feed" anything. The collector connects through the relay to whatever supply voltage you need to operate the relay.

The relay has a '150Ω' coil.
The receiver sits in the garage 24/7/365, powered by a 5V/1A supply (term'd in a micro-B).
The transmitter is powered by a 'usb powerbank' that I hacked up just a little, and it's always in the car.


so it doesn't matter what voltage the relay operate only to have the minimum 6 ma to activate the transistor . and the 80 ma of the relay coils what means ? isn't it that the max ma i can draw from emiter to colector for the relay is in relation to the base curent ?

It's not the maximum, but with 6 mA into the base, the transistor can "saturate" - which means the voltage on the collector will be as low as possible and therefore the power dissipated in the transistor will be as low as possible - with 80 mA collector current.

If you do feed significantly more current into the collector - by having a lower resistance relay coil - then the transistor will not be able to hold the collector voltage quite as low and the transistor will dissipate more power and get hotter which you do not want.

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