ESP8266 Multiple IP Addresses?

Hi All

Relativly new Arduino user here, and although i've got a couple Arduino projects in the pipeline still, I have just completed and deployed my first one!

For this project I used an ESP8266 board to create a simple outdoor light sensor which then uses an IFTTT webhook to turn some smart lights on inside the house at dusk. It's all working fine, but I have noticed something strange on my broadband router...

It appears that the ESP8266 board has mutlple MAC/IP addresses:

Is this normal for these devices? Is there something I have may have done in my code to cause this? I've tried some googling, but not seen anything similar.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance


What smart lights are you using in the house as devices like the Sonoff smart light and switches also need to connect to your WiFi and they have ESP8266 chips in them.
I don't think it's a single device here as usually the ESP presents it's name with part of its MAC address on the end and all of your devices have different numbers on the end of the name.

Hi Riva, you make a very good point!

They are just some generic ones I found on Amazon (which perform very well btw). And now that you mention it, they must be the smart plugs!

It all makes sense now :slight_smile: