esp8266 no response

I am at a loss. I can talk to this thing via ftdi with no problems. Hooking it up with an Arduino is a different story. I am using a voltage divider for the TX line from D1. I have used an example mega sketch using serial1 and an uno sketch using debug software serial. I have the CH line high on the esp8266. Newest firmware is installed too. Running at 115200 baud. I bought two of these modules of frustration and both act the same. Anyone getting this darn thing working?


I have a couple of these running.
I didn't6 have much luck using Arduino and the AT-firmware, so instead I use yhe LUA firmware.
It is very simple to make for example a webserver on the esp8266 itself, and if you wish you could have that communicate with an Arduino.

Check the esp8266 forum:

Try 57600 baud rate. For the newest official firmware V0.9.3 the AT command to change baud rate is now AT+IPR=57600 replacing 57600 with whatever you choose.

I flashed the lua firmware. Where would i find some documentation on how to interface it with an arduino?

Actually the idea with the lua firmware is not to use a external mcu like Arduino.
The esp8266 is more powerfull than an Arduino in many ways.

But ofcource you can interface them if you want.
If you put this little webserver on your esp, you can update the webpage by simple updating the variable t via the serial from Arduino .

if(t==nil) then
srv=net.createServer(net.TCP) srv:listen(80,function(conn)
    conn:on("receive",function(conn,payload) print(payload)
    conn:send("HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n\n")
    conn:send("<h1>Erni's ESP8266</h1>
    conn:send("TEMP : " .. t .. "
    conn:send("NODE.HEAP : " .. node.heap() .. "
    conn:send("TMR.NOW : " .. .. "
    conn:on("sent",function(conn) conn:close() end)

There are more examples here:

and on the esp8266 forum

The new ESP works at 9600 baud when is shipped from China.


I forgot to mention

You communicate with the chip via a serial terminal @9600 baud.
You can use the Arduino monitor, but I prefer this one

To connect to your network:

wifi.sta.config("Exxx","Exxxxx")  -- ssid and pasw

You only need to do this once, it will be stored in flash

to see the ip


The new ESP works at 9600 baud when is shipped from China

With the new AT-firmware you can set the baudrate to whatever you wnat


Kindly help me, I ma trying to connect arduino due with esp8266, but i didn't get any response. I need the description form the basic connection.