ESP8266 NodeMCU Lolin V3 and using Firebase to update software

I want to update software on multiple of my esp8266 devices that are currently sending data to my firebase database. I found this tutorial (Over-the-Air Arduino firmware updates using Firebase, Part 1 | by Matt Welsh | Firebase Developers | Medium) for ESP32 and tried adapting it to work with ESP8266 however it writes no binary and "gives up". I am lost as too where to even find the solution.

I have attached part of my code below and the output I get in serial monitor. I am able to connect to wifi and send data to firebase.
FireBaseOTA.ino (2.0 KB)


Please take a look at the first topic telling how to get the best from this forum. Posting code the best way makes it more clear to read and easy to copy for further analyzing.
What You want to do I did 40 years ago on a home built 160 kB Z80 system. It called for "a little extra" in the running code...

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