ESP8266 not sending or recieving data on pins

I got some ESP8266 modules (these) for a project. To test them I was going to use some sensors I have lying around. I tried to use the example code for a DHT11 sensor library and it kept saying Sensor not attached in the serial monitor. I checked all my connections and edited the code a little and it still didnt work. I then tried about every example for every sensor I own and none of them worked. I then decided to just test if anything worked so I wrote a basic sketch to turn on an led using the d4 pin on the module. It was supposed to write pin d4 high to turn on the led (I had the other side of the led connected to ground) and even that did'nt work. I also checked that I had done everything needed board-wise and it was configured correctly , I had also added the esp8266 link recomended by many people and the board seller in the prefrences tab/dialog box. If you have any suggestions on how to fix this please post it in the comments below. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The link you posted doesn't work.

Please post the simple test code you used it, correctly formatted as per the forum instructions. Please post a schematic.

I had the other side of the led connected to ground

Assuming you mean without a resistor then you probably damaged the output with too much current. LEDs must have current limiting resistors, 220 Ohms or thereabouts will do. Make sure the LED is the right way round.

int led=4;
void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

I wired the positive of the led to D4 on the board and the negative through a 220 ohm resistor to ground.

Ok, that looks fine.

LED pins are called anode and cathode, you should connect the anode to D4 and the cathode to the resistor. Saying you connected the positive to D4 is meaningless. Does the LED light if instead of connecting to D4 you connect to the 3V3 or 5V supply?

A photo of your setup would help too.

Yes, the led works, sorry for my wording. At this time I am unable to take a picture.

Don't know then, unless the ESP 8266 is faulty.