ESP8266 not working

I am following this tutorial to try to connect my ESP8266 to the IoT

I connected the sensor as shown in this image

But my sensor is timing out even when I just turned it on. What could cause this?

What sensor?
Where is your code?
What do your debug prints tell you?

Sensor is ESP8266 (it's not a sensor but I don't know how to call it!)
My code is quite long, it's the one in the one in the MAIN_ESP8266 folder that you can download from the link (it's the same you can find under the video I linked; mine has a couple of changes, I'll post them here)

Into the main code, line 32:

const char SSID_ESP[] = "myWifiSSID";         //Give EXACT name of your WIFI
const char SSID_KEY[] = "myWifiPassword";             //Add the password of that WIFI connection
const char* host = "";  //Add the host without "www" Example:
String NOOBIX_id = "11111";
String NOOBIX_password = "22222";      
String location_url = "/TX.php?id=";        

In the connect file, line 7:

  ESP8266.print("AT+CIPSTART=0,\"TCP\",\"\",80\r\n");//connect to your web server

My debugPrint says:

timeout 1
timeout 1

(it’s not a sensor but I don’t know how to call it!)

Microcontroller with built-in radio.

Yep! That one!
Are you able to tell me what I did wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you able to tell me what I did wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

No. I can’t see your code.

Update: it doesn't seem to be the code
The blue light on the ESP8266 is constantly off: what does that mean?