ESP8266 ... nothing on serial

Hi, I have my first FTDI232 and ESP8266. I am able to flash the ESP and run the WiFi Access Point sketch. It starts successfully and I can see the WiFi on my mobile.

BUT ... whatever I do, I do not get a single sign of output to the serial monitor. No matter what baud rate, no matter what I try. I can send AT commands, but the answer is ... nothing !

I have a nice sketch calling a webservice, that runs perfectly fine on a NodeMCU board and I can see reactions in the webservice, but if I flash the same sketch to the ESP, it does ... nothing

Could it be broken ? Or am I doing something extremely wrong ?

BR Gawan

Or am I doing something extremely wrong ?

One thing you are doing wrong is not posting your code.

Hi. I wasted 3 weeks trying to figure out why i could apparently upload a sketch to my esp-01 but it would not run. Not even the simplest sketch to blink a led. Yet I was getting messages from the ide that the upload had been successful. The circuit worked at first, but after a few uploads, it simply died.

I too had an ft232 adaptor, and finally, after replacing every other component in the circuit (including the esp) i discovered the adaptor was the source of the problem. I swapped to a cp2102 adaptor and everything started working again.

The ftdi adaptor was a cheap Chinese purchase, so may have had a fake chip, or just poor quality, i don't know. But i posted it to a friend who confirmed it was indeed faulty.

So my advice is to replace everything one component at a time and don't assume any of them cannot be the faulty one!


Code is not relevant. Even the empty setup() and loop() can be uploaded successfully. The Serial Monitor is empty - no matter what I do, I can send as many AT command as I want - no answer, nothing.

@PaulRB I expected the FTDI to be faulty as well, so I connected it to a "real" arduino. Power supply and serial read/send. Nothing. No reply.

The strang thing is that - as soon as I re-upload the WiFi AP sketch it works and I can see the WiFi ...

Not sure why you think it would respond to AT commands, once you have uploaded an Arduino sketch. The Arduino sketch will have overwritten the original firmware that responds to AT commands. Have I got the wrong idea about what you are doing?

Might be worth posting your problem in the Arduino section on the esp8266 forum, if you have not already done so (although a lot of the forum members there are members here too).

Oh, I thought responding on simple serial commands like AT is a basic functionality that works independent of the uploaded firmware.

That was a good hint, thanks :)