ESP8266 on Arduino/Genuino 101


Has anyone tried to connect ESP8266 wifi module to Arduino/Genuino 101?


Even I've been trying to connect to ESP8266, but no luck so far. Has anyone successfully interfaced it?

I have been able to partially make it work. I am using ESP-Link on the ESP to handle the wifi connection, and communicating through serial. The only problem I have is that if I make both of them boot at the same time, the ESP boot signal (serial signal) prevents the 101 from booting...

What ESP module are you using? I have been trying to use the ai-cloud inside 8266 black module, and can receive from it but not transmit to it. I had already set the 8266 module to use my wifi, and it reports that it is connected,but that does me no good if I can’t send data.